Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Year end catch up!!

As I look back at our amazing year, it made me realize how much fun we've had and how blessed we really are. We moved back to Hernando in April and boy is it nice to be back. It's been 9 months now and there have been a lot of first, fun, new friends, field trips and all around good family time.

Our summer was great although Josh was working in Tampa. He did a relief assignment for a manager for three months and it went by fast. The boys and I got to visit and they loved it. A few weeks later I went for a quick visit and it was a nice getaway. We kept busy by going to pool and hanging out with old friends. Josh's trip ended the end of July. Noah started walking the first of July and I thought he would never walk considering he was almost 15 months. It didn't take him long to catch on and he was off keeping up with Aidan. I guess the only bad part of our summer was our sweet Lucy passing. She was a great dog and the boys loved her so much. I got Lucy a month before Josh and I met, so she was there from the beginning. It was a great 9 years and she was a great dog. Aidan still talks about Lucy and asks a lot of questions about what do we think she's doing in Heaven. I'm glad he remembers her and I'm also glad she was a part of his life.

Noah started MDO for the first time and he cried when I left him although I know he has a wonderful time. Aidan started Pre-k 4. He was really excited and he still loves it. He has been on two field trips. One with to Cedar Hill Farms and just before Christmas we went to see Pinnochio in Germantown. Aidan also started soccer in the fall and Josh was the coach of the Blue Devils. We won all of the games but one. Aidan was kind of into it but I think it was a great experience and he's ready for spring soccer!

In September Josh got a promotion to be Regional Director. He worked so hard interviewing and preparing for this position and I can't start to tell you how proud I am of him!

All of the holidays have been a lot easier this year being closer to everyone. It's been nice having Monday visits from my mom and visits from Gran and Pop. For halloween Aidan was Captain America and Noah was Superman. They sure were cute. We walked around the neighborhood with friends and had a great time! The boys really enjoyed Christmas this year. It was fun to see Noah opening gifts and enjoying the tree so much. Aidan was really wanting Star Wars leggos and Super mario brothers for the Wii. He was really excited to see that he got them both. The Jessie tree was really fun for Aidan, he enjoyed the devotion every night and the stories as well. I know next year will be even better!

I can truly say that you never know where your next journey is, for now we are pretty excited about the year we have had and the new memories we are going to make! God has truly blessed us beyond measure!!!